Justice for Dogs is a unique charity which exists to help you, your club or organisation on all matters relating to canine welfare and ownership.

Maybe your problem is a simple domestic one which only needs a few words of advice to resolve it. Maybe it involves a local authority, a neighbour, a vet, or the police? Many seemingly intractable problems can often be helped over the phone with legal advice specific to your situation.

These is no charge for this help, but we hope you will join the charity and/or make a donation to help our work.

Some questions are, of course, more complex and you may need the services of Justice for Dogs’ team of professionals which includes Barristers, Solicitors, Veterinary Surgeons and other experts in their field, but naturally the charity cannot meet legal or other professional fees.

We aim to bring you peace of mind, to help and support you whenever you need us, but we need your help too as most of our funding comes from Member’s Subscriptions.